fall display PUMPKINS

Call, text or email me if you want/need a sculpted pumpkin.

fone 314 825 5621    sculptedpumpkins@aol.com


PENDING Schedule for Carving live; 

    Saturdays and Sundays in October at Eckert's in Bellville ILL 10am-3pm


    other locations also pending


Pricing varies depending size and detail. a rough idea of pricing follows;

small pumpkin with name $13 [with sports logo $15]

jack-o-lantern size with family name $35+.

jack-o-lantern size  with logo or design $55+.

         2 or more with same logo or design $50+ each


70+pound pumpkin with logo or design $125+ 

         4or more of same logo/design $100+ each

delivery $10+ pending location [70+ lb pumpkins delivery $30+]


costs hourly carving live at your festivity;

$450 per hour: include display, carving [average 25 small name pumpkns], assistant and pumpkins

$400 per hour: include display, carving [average 25 small name pumpkns] and pumpkins

$300 per hour: include display and carving [average 25 small name pump] {you supply your pumpkins}

for  more info or quotes email design and size to  sculptedpumpkins@aol.com 

Contact me to get your name, design or logo on a real pumpkin. or contact me to sculpt at or for your private affair

check me out on tv ch.2  
email for more info;  sculptedpumpkins@aol.com
fonr; 314 825 5621

your design/name/logo sculpted on a real pumpkin
average life expectancy;small and reg. size pumpkins 2 weeks up to 3 months.
giant 1to 2 months. depends on mother nature.
 i've had them last into the next year
price $13 and up pending size and detail
please allow 1 to 2 weeks order time
for more info and price quote contact;
craig joseph sanders @
email; sculptedpumpkins@aol.com
website; cjsimagination.com
fone; 314 825 5621


my art studio; the pumpkin patch

I sculpt at various locations for the young and or young at heart