fall display PUMPKINS

Call, text or email me if you want/need a sculpted pumpkin.

fone 314 825 5621    sculptedpumpkins@aol.com


 Schedule for Carving live; 

Sept. 28th and 29th at Eckert's in bellville ILL 10am -3pm

every Saturday and Sunday in October at Eckert's in Bellville ILL 10am-3pm

Oct.19th Ameristar Casino PRIVATE GIG

Oct.24th,25th and 27th at The St.Louis Science Center St.Louis MO  5pm to 8pm

Oct. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22cd and 29th, Historic Crossroads Soulard MO  5pm to 7pm


    other locations also pending


Pricing varies depending size and detail. a rough idea of pricing follows;

small pumpkin with name $13 [with sports logo $15]

jack-o-lantern size with family name $35+.

jack-o-lantern size  with logo or design $55+.

         2 or more with same logo or design $50+ each


70+pound pumpkin with logo or design $125+ 

         4or more of same logo/design $100+ each

delivery $10+ pending location [70+ lb pumpkins delivery $30+]


costs hourly carving live at your festivity;

$450 per hour: include display, carving [average 25 small name pumpkns], assistant and pumpkins

$400 per hour: include display, carving [average 25 small name pumpkns] and pumpkins

$300 per hour: include display and carving [average 25 small name pump] {you supply your pumpkins}

for  more info or quotes email design and size to  sculptedpumpkins@aol.com 

Contact me to get your name, design or logo on a real pumpkin. or contact me to sculpt at or for your private affair

check me out on tv ch.2  
email for more info;  sculptedpumpkins@aol.com
fonr; 314 825 5621

your design/name/logo sculpted on a real pumpkin
average life expectancy;small and reg. size pumpkins 2 weeks up to 3 months.
giant 1to 2 months. depends on mother nature.
 i've had them last into the next year
price $13 and up pending size and detail
please allow 1 to 2 weeks order time
for more info and price quote contact;
craig joseph sanders @
email; sculptedpumpkins@aol.com
website; cjsimagination.com
fone; 314 825 5621


my art studio; the pumpkin patch

I sculpt at various locations for the young and or young at heart

pumpkin care and pie recipe

Pumpkin Care;

keep in cool, dry and shaded location.

2 days afer carving cover carved area with a neosporin or neosporin like salve. this will keep the cut area from mildewing.  and give a nice shine to the skin of the pumpkin.

if the pumpkin frezzes solid. cut up and discard  the pumpkin before it thaws into a waterballon like object.


Pumpkin Recipe  

coming soon