Price list

Prices vary by size of pumpkin and detail of design.

Small personalizied first name pumpkins cost $13.

Jack-o-lantern size pumpkins with family name cost $25 -$30 pending size of pumpkin.

Jack-o-lantern size with your logo cost $30 -$45 pending size and detail.

Giant pumpkins (60 to 80+ pounds) cost $70 - $90 pending size and detail.

Delivery/Shipping may cost extra pending size and distance

*Life expectancy; small pumpkins avg. 1 month  (some have lasted  til june)

                          jack-o-lantern size avg. 1 month (some have lasted till may)

                          giant pumpkins avg. till first freeze

                     * being a natural plant object  mother nature sets the life expectancy