sponsoring me to present my craft to children's homes, schools and retirement centers

Putting smiles on the young and young at heart

I am excited to present my proposal for your review and I  look forward to possibly partnering with you putting smiles on the faces of the young and young at heart. I have been creating smiles with my craft for more than 35 years (thats over 15,000 smiles/sculpted pumpkins). The objective of this sponsorship is to allow me to create more smiles with  my craft by reaching more children and children at heart.

During the past few years I have only been able (with help from friends and family) to present my craft  to a limited number of children's homes, hospitals, schools and centers for the elderly. your sponsorship would enable me to present upwards to 40 additional institutions this season (the season starts the last week of september and goes up to Thanksgiving).
I have had measured success because I could not afford the cost myself in presenting my craft to more children and children at heart. I am seeking to expand my presentations to as many as locations as possible in the short two month pumpkin season .  My proposal requests in funding of $450 per presention. Hospital presentations costing $100 more per location to pay for added demands. Each presentation includes materials (pumpkins personally carved for up to 20 children) along with tools, labor and delivery. If you prefer you can choose how many  locations  and or even the locations you care to sponsor.

Statement of Need
St.Louis and the surrounding areas have many chidren's hospitals,homes, schools and also many centers for the elderly. The children (and elder children at heart) at these locations have a difficult time getting out to enjoy the fall season. My personalizied sculpted pumpkins  bring a little fall season to them and into thier hearts to help them smile .

Program Description
I bring a fall display of sculpted pumpkins to each location. I then in front of them sculpt their very own names onto their very own small  pumpkin to keep. As I carve and interact with them I get a feel on how to make the pumpkin even more personal.  My style of carving makes for very little mess (to which I clean up before I leave location). Pending on the pumpkin (being an object of nature) after they are carved they last anywhere from two weeks to two months. Most locations only have an hour window in the am and again in the pm for me to present my craft. I need a 1/2  hour for set up and again a 1/2 for break down per location (hospital locations take longer). I can sculpt on the average of twenty pumpkins with individual names per hour. If more are needed I can sculpt them ahead of my visit at an additional cost (at a school's fall festavel where I have been carving for 6 years  they now  preorder 100+  before I arrive to carve live at their  festavel). 

Personalized Sculpted Pumpkins
I can sculpt just bout anything on a pumpkin but in this  arena I sculpt names. Mostly first names. The less I sculpt on a pumpkins the longer they last. One of the first things a child is the master of is thier own name. They really apreciate their own pumpkin with thier own name on it. The elderly like the memories that the pumpkins bring back from thier childhood.


Leters of apreciation

" Mr. Craig Sanders was introduce to us by one of our students familiy,he has just completed his third year of craving individual pumpkins for our students (60 students) and bringing them to Illinois School for the Visually Impaired in Jacksionville,Il.(30 miles west of Springfield, IL.) Our students get very excited when they hear Craig is coming ,they all enjoy talking with him and receiving a personalized pumpkin with their names carved into them ,in script lettering and braille. They are fascinated with his style of carving and enjoy his sense of humor, not to many students get personalized pumpkins, which makes them feel special.Mr.Sanders would be a great asset to any school activity or community function."
Joe Lewey
Recreation Coordinator
Illinois School for the Visually Impaired


"As part of our Visiting Artist Series, Craig introduced our visitors, young and old, to his unique pumpkin carving skills.
The children were quite intrigued and excited as he skillfully carved their name on their individual pumpkins. They were
also thrilled to take home their very own personalized pumpkin! Craig’s visit to The Magic House was definitely an event
that many adults and children looked forward to attending."
Julie A. Tubbs
Director of Community Education
The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum
516 S. Kirkwood Road
St. Louis, MO 63122




"i couldn't believe the cool things he could make with pumpkins! They were so amazing! he even carved our school's mascot into one. i loved walking into school and seeing the Reed Panther on a pumpkin!"

Reed School, Ladue MO Katie Ward




Artist.bio                                                                                                                            Craig Joseph Sanders
d.o.b.; 10/25/1959

     Meremec Comunity college 1977-81,

     Kansas City Art Institute 1982-83
     studio Ricci Pietrasanta (LU) italia 1984-90
work; C.J.'s produce market 1984-2015 owning my own homegrown produce market was very conveinent in the fall for sculpting pumpkins. It also gave me winter time to travel to Italy to study and sculpt marble.
    I have carved pumpkins for many institutions, buisnesses and individuals. Just to list a few, The Shrinners Children Hospital, Illinois School for the Visually Impaired, Delmar Gardens assisted senior care living, St.Louis Art Museum, Eckert's farm, Magic House childrens museum, ESPN Monday night football, Sauce Magazine , St.Louis Magazine, River Front Times Magazine
    The first time I carved this way was in art school some 38 years ago. There was a pumpkin carving contest, I think $25 was first prize. Being a hungry artist [but never really starving] I had to win, so I did. The winning design i carved was a head shot of king tut. Another  contest  i won with a sketch like carving of W.C.Fields. That contest  was sponsored by WIL country radio. i won a wood stove (that I sold to pay for my first trip to italy).  I have won a few contest since then but not many contest are out there now-a-days. Sometimes I do the three dimesionl pumpkin sculpting but i get more smiles with the personalizied carved pumpkins.
    I have sculpted pumpkins; that were used as temporary tombstones, for usa presidents [well presidential rallies for presidential hopefulls], a helmet that a fan wore and was on tv at the first st.louis rams monday night game, many for the infamous baseball cardinals [f.y.i. I have carved cubs logos but the pumpkins seem to rott quicker], a nativity scene on a pumpkin for a local contest in italy where at  i received  3rd place (not bad for an American in Italy), birthdays, funerals, aniverserys, weddings, proposals and various holidays
   One gets tired of eating pumpkin; pie, soup, smoothies. though i do have some great recipies. Right now I am pumpkin-employed but after November  if you have any ides for an unpumpkin-employed let me know please.
    By the by I also do a mean display be it for an all day event or a 2  minute tv interview.
    Another by the by my schedule fills the closer we get to Halloween so start thinkin 

I appreciate your interest in  my desire to create more smiles through my craft. Please give me a call at 314-825-5621 if you require any further information or have any questions concerning this proposal.
Thanks again for your time and consideration.

craig joseph sanders
master pumkin carver                        

email; sculptedpumpkins@aol.com
Kirkwood MO 63122                                fone; (314)825-5621